Our Approach

What Types of Properties Do We Target?

We target multifamily apartment buildings in markets with stable or growing population and job growth. Generally, we will purchase properties of more than 100 units which allow for staff economies of scale, but smaller properties may be purchased with good fundamentals. Most importantly, we target opportunities which offer our investors an above average rate of return with low or moderate risk. The most favorable opportunities in the current market have been what are commonly referred to as “value plays”. These are properties that have been under managed by the current owners and can be improved in value by making cosmetic improvements and enhancing operations.

How Do We Identify Investment Properties?

We partner with highly experienced multi family operators who specialize in identifying investment properties, negotiating terms, and getting them under contract. These companies will manage the purchase, re-position, and operations of the property.  We perform extensive due diligence on both the project and the operator and will only bring opportunities to investors that we are willing to invest in ourselves.

The Advantages of Investing With Us.

There are many advantages to investing with us. These are a few of the best:

1. Experience
Real estate investing can be intimidating, time consuming and capital intensive. Many busy professionals do not have the time or interest to sort through the hype and noise to find superior opportunities.  Many of those who do take the time to learn are quickly overwhelmed by the breadth of opportunities.   Some jump in and actually purchase rental properties only to find out the hard way just how many things can go wrong.  When you invest along side of us, you can benefit from our experience and the experience of our partners.    Together we have been involved in hundreds of transactions.

2. True Passive Income
When you commit to an investment with us, you are getting the benefits of real estate investment without the additional work that comes with managing a property. After your own due-diligence on the investment, there is very little required of you.  We professionally manage the property and reposition the property to maximize resale value.  You can sit back, and know that your money is working hard to get you consistent and safe returns.

3. Superior Gains
We target investments with annual cash on cash returns of over 8%, and a return over the life of the investment which will yield over 14%! These are always based on conservative estimates, so you know that with even a conservative performance, your investment will beat the stock market!

4. Tax Advantage
As we have discussed, real estate offers tax advantages superior to nearly all other investment classes. For an in-depth discussion of the ways that this investment class can help you keep more of your money, see this article.